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Run Mashed without CD and without Intro.

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SciLor's Mashed Runner allows you to run Mashed Fully Loaded and Mashed ;).
It bypasses the launcher of the game, so you can run the game without installation and any cd. This way you may just copy the game onto an usb-stick and play it anywhere.
Additionally you can select the game's language, disable the intros and create a shortcut on your desktop for this launcher with the click of a button.

Is this tool a crack for Mashed Fully Loaded?!
There is any need for a Mashed Fully Loaded NoCD Crack!

The game implements the copy protection in the launcher (launch.exe), but the game is in the "MFL.exe". The launcher runs the "MFL.exe" with different command line parameters, that define the language and if it should show the settings.
If you run the "MFL.exe" directly the game will run in english and prompt for video/control settings on every statup.

This application replaces the launcher and runs the "MFL.exe" with the fitting parameters.
v5(2012-03-21) (Released November 2017)
-New: The old version of Mashed is now also supported (The one before Fully Loaded)


-Fix: Wrong language Portuese -> Italiano
-Fix: Various Errors.
-Enhancement: Create Registry entries if the game is not installed.
-Enhancement: NoCD Patch for the original launch.exe.
	There was any need for that, more or less interesting for people that want to write patches.
	Just take a look at the source, especially the "SearchAndReplace.cs"
	that implements the Search and Replace Engine of the dup2 patcher, so you can use its generated patterns
-Enhancement: Run launch.exe.


-Fix: Disabled looking comboboxes after using settings
-Fix: Low quality taskbar icon, when using a shortcut.
-Enhancement: Source code design, some classes etc.

-Feature: Disable Intro videos
-Enhancement: Less IO usage

-Initial Release