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Windows Mobile
HTC HD2 / Leo
-HD2 / Leo Multitouch Demo
-HD2 / Leo Multitouch .NET CF DLL
-Chameleon TicTacToe
-Bubble Crusher
-Fuel Blaster
-GSensor Control
-Wifi Penetrate
-Driving Licence Trainer
-Gesture Launcher
-Code Snippets
-ATI Rotation Fix
-DHCP Reset
-Dominos Pizza Voucher Code Checker
-Wifi Penetrate
-Battlefield Heroes Launcher
-Battlefield Play4Free Launcher
-grooveshark™.com Downloader
-Playlex, the playlist exporter
-Mashed Runner
-Jedi Academy - Multi Tool
-Real PingPong
Comedy Comedy Searcher/Downloader
-Java grooveshark™.com Downloader
Chrome Extensions
-Grooveshark(tm) Unlocker
-Content Toolstrip (chrome)
Firefox Extensions
-Grooveshark(tm) Unlocker
Opera Extensions
-Grooveshark(tm) Unlocker
-Steve Jobs' & Bill Gates' Operation Systems
-IE Block Layer-Ads Tutorial
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All my programs had their origin in applications, that I wanted to have but were not existing in that way. At the beginning they were intended just for me :twisted: . I spent minutes and minutes, hours and hours, days and days on coding those. Why I should give them out for free and mostly with the source code available? I just want to help those people out there, so it would be a shame not giving out those programs to YOU for FREE.
Often people ask to offer some special features I personal do not use, but many other would like them. So sometimes I spent time in coding just for my Users, because I like their new ideas and that giving me some new coding challenges. Some applications I even continued also I have stopped using them, just because someone asked me to do so.
During those coding hours I drink some milk and rarely caffeine(Often coke and Cappuccino but never a coffee...). I also need much sweets, mostly chocolate and liquorice.
I am an Freeware and Open Source developer by heart and will never sell my apps. But you can support me by donate something (some for my site hosting costs), just to give me some idea that my software is useful for you!

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I currently work with a T-Mobile SDA(aka. HTC Feeler), an HTC Kaiser(aka. HTC TyTN II) and an HTC Leo(aka. HTC HD2):
(From the left to the right) - HTC Feeler(T-Mobile SDA), HTC Kaiser(HTC TyTN II) and a HTC Leo(HTC HD2)

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